Welcome to Design of the Heart, LLC

Welcome to Design of the Heart, LLC

Welcome to Design of the Heart, LLCWelcome to Design of the Heart, LLC

Lovely bedding items with positive and uplifting Faith, Healing, Praise Scriptures, customized soft blankets, textile   


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and store(s), global living and USA STORE  - are you living in England? Visit the UK STORE  (Differentiated only due to taxes) and take a moment to view some amazing pictures in connection to the designs in the PHOTO menu and don't forget the WALLPAPER and  BLANKETS.  

About Us

Wrapped and Surrounded in Love and Comfort

At Design of the Heart, we wish to be able to provide you with designs that reflect God's love for us. This beautiful color arrangement contains a deep red color with a touch of cinnamon (Photo is Queen Size 92x96' duvet cover)  printed by Bags of Love, onto bedding items, clothing, and household goods, using materials that are truly luxurious, maintaining their integrity of form, and brilliant vibrancy of color. These designs and products originated from a deep personal need, and will hopefully aid you in releasing anxiety and receiving comfort as you are surrounded and or covered by them. All the designs are created with love, the displayed, printed photos, are original  photos. The printed scriptures on the duvet covers are the combination of the flat and fitted sheets, non repetitive and taken from the NKJV.    

Registered copyrights for designs and photos reserved for Design of the Heart.



You have the option to edit and personalize your "Open Heaven Blessings"  adult, child and baby blankets, as well as throw pillows, by adding and uploading your own and or your child's picture(s), and or add text to the back side of the products.



Our designs are skillfully printed on a variety of custom made and handcrafted products, with luxurious materials, from suede vision, snugly fleece, to peached poly/cotton, canvas to soft velour displaying brilliant colors, pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul


 "RECEIVE HIS LOVE AND GRACE" - reversible Christian designed luxurious bedding items - consisting of uplifting, positive scriptures of Praise, Worship, Thanksgiving, Faith, Forgiveness, Healing.... from the NKJV and 1 from the KJV Bible. Printed onto pillows, fitted sheets, and duvet covers - accompanied by the printed musical Hallelujah Chorus by G.F. Handel, including graphically expressed stanzas of music of "How Great Thou Art", placed in a sequence of hearts - designed to hopefully aid you in releasing anxiety and receiving comfort as you are wrapped in God's promises. 

Whether you are feeling good or are not well, release anxiety by wrapping yourself in these bedding items of comforting, positive faith building promises of God. God wants us well, Isiah 53:5 states "and by HIS STRIPES we ARE HEALED." NKJV

As you or your loved are surrounded in these uplifting and positive scriptures, meditate on God's promises for us, SPEAK them OUT LOUD over yourself, allow them to relax your being and inspire thoughts of healing. Try to MAGNIFY and CONCENTRATE  on the solution God, Jesus, Holy Spirit - OUR HEALER  - (and try hard not to think about the problem, do everything you can to shrink it)

2 Cor. 4;13 NKJV

And since we have the same SPIRIT of FAITH, according to what is written, "I BELIEVED and therefore I SPOKE," we also BELIEVE and therefore SPEAK.

PILLOW - reversible - 2 colors - 1 scripture (same) both sides -  pillow openings to the left and right are designated by design.

FITTED SHEET ---- reversible (top and bottom) ---- design#1&2-30 scriptures - design#3-40 scriptures, for your comfort all scriptures can be read from all angles and fits US mattresses up to 18in deep.

FLAT SHEET ------ choice of two colors ----- (mix and match) - SAME SCRIPTURES AS THE BOTTOM OF DUVET COVER - 47 lovely uplifting positive scriptures of Faith, Praise, Healing....- in all 4 borders accompanied by a few hearts, easy to read from all angles, Hallelujah Chorus by G.F. Handel in the middle of sheet.

DUVET COVER ---- reversible 2 colors. Top offers 3 designs to choose from. 1 scripture and 22 musical hearts (same as the FITTED sheet)..or 40 scriptures with 22-24 musical hearts in the borders...  Bottom Side 47 scriptures (same as the FLAT sheet.), Hallelujah Chorus, hearts in the corners.

"God's Lamb", a design with text for jackets - pillows - wallpaper(soon).... derived from one of my original pictures revealing the illusion of a lamb  in a cloud...

"Blessings, Open Heaven", a design with text for throw pillows - blankets - wallpaper..... graphical design, a reflection of my interpretation of God's Blessings under an Open Heaven...


All products are custom handmade and printed, powered, produced and shipped worldwide by Bags of Love in London (UK 20 8960 4567 - From USA 646 712 9715) Prints, text and photos are displayed in beautiful, vibrant color printed on a variety of soft, shimmer reflective materials... For additional product, product guarantee, and or manufacturing information, please click customer service / on the red logo link for "Bags of Love" in the store. For customers within the United Kingdom (UK WEBSITE) customs and export taxes are not applicable. Overnight shipping within the UK £4.99 --- For customers anywhere outside the United Kingdom, international (USA WEBSITE) customs and export taxes have been applied and are paid for by the company. Overnight international FED EX shipping $10.00 --


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We love our customers, so feel free to browse our website and store and enjoy the variety and versatility of our designs displayed on one of a kind fabulous materials accompanied by an array of brilliant colors with fast production and convenient inexpensive overnight shipping. For questions pertaining to the designs and scriptures please contact



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